Just a size note that creating a disk or three in advance of needing it isn't a bad thing. They can sit there unused and that way if you need them they are there 'el quicko, just link and add! If you end up not needing them then you can always delete them later.

AND another thing. Since this is a guest partition the new disk unit is already scattered among all available disk on the host. You might get away without the 'And Balance' here. Hmmmm, maybe I should noodle that a mite more or Sue Baker might step up on a stool and smack me for this idea.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 1/14/2013 3:08 PM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
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Latest update. The message we were getting that QNOTES was hitting it's
max storage even though it's *NOMAX was bogus. It's just that the OS
didn't quite handle that the system as a whole was getting full and got
itself confused. My scramble to add new disk drives during the restore
wasn't quite fast enough to avoid confusing the crud out of the system.
Waiting until 99% ain't a good idea.

Rerunning the restore with the *NEW option. Of course, I have to start at
the first tape so that will be some time wasted until it spins all through

Sitting at
System ASP . . . . . . : 1043 G
% system ASP used . . : 77.6877
and I'll keep a close eye on that. If it hits 85% I'll add another disk.
Let's see... that's

On the Host:
TEXT('MAIL1 guest Domino lpar disk')

On the Guest:
3. Work with disk units
2. Work with disk configuration
2. Add units to ASPs
3. Add units to existing ASPs
Add units to ASP and balance data.

Rob Berendt

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