Hi Scott,

Sounds like you've set up the permissions on one file (the 'config' file) but haven't set it on anything else? I would make sure the .ssh subdirectory is read/write/execute for the userid, and it might be a good idea to block others access to tat dir. So maybe do:

chmod 700 /home/user/.ssh

I'd say that for most of the files in that directory, I'd want to give the owner read/write authority, and anyone else should have read.

cd /home/user/.ssh
chmod 644 *

Except that private keys should be only read/write by owner:

cd /home/user/.ssh
chmod 600 identity id_rsa id_dsa

(That assumes you have RSA1, RSA2 and DSA private keys... if you don't have them all, or have some different keys, change the filenames appropriately.)

Hope that helps

On 1/3/2013 10:36 AM, Scott Schollenberger wrote:
I have a client who we migrated to a new 8202-E4C a few weeks ago.
They do a daily scheduled file transfer to an outside vendor using SFTP with key authentication.
Since the server migration, the SFTP has been failing.

Initially the SFTP standard error output reported the following messages:

Bad owner or permissions on /home/PERFRM/.ssh/config
Connection closed

I have reset the authority on that file using the following command:

chmod 600 /home/PERFRM/.ssh/config

The SFTP standard error output now shows the following messages:

Permission denied, please try again.
Permission denied, please try again.
Permission denied (password).
Connection closed

So I'm wondering now if the server migration has impacted the key authentication in some way (other than the permissions of the config file).

The destination server still has the user's public key. But could it be seeing the user as NOT the authenticated user now because the connection is coming from a different server.

In other words, does the server in some way become part of the SFTP key authentication?
If so, will generating a new key for the user on the new server and providing it to the outside vendor solve the problem?

Thanks for any input.


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