On 02 Jan 2013 18:50, Graap, Kenneth wrote:
This wouldn't restrict a CLRLIB command though...

What is "This" in the above? To what <snippet of a> message was that reply directed?

Note that the above quoted reply, offered without any context, appears in the archive with no apparent threading\indentation (besides that the OP apparently replied within an existing but different subject thread). Thus there is nothing obvious about what "This" is. A link to the thread:

Regardless, the OP had in neither message, mentioned anything about Clearing any library, only about Deleting library object(s):

FWiW: If the reply was to my prior message [with this same Subject:], then I did make it clear that the libraries would be able to be used the same as always after the RVKOBJAUT activity, *except* the ability to delete the libraries themselves; i.e. if the user could clear the library before the change to the authority, then the user would still be able to clear the library after the change to the authority. Specifically I noted: "The library object(s) can continue to be used in any other way they could be used by that user, prior to the revoke of the specific authority."

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