You could try going to the about:config page in firefox and search on security.enable and enable ssl2.

DrFranken wrote:
You have a POWER5 server and your web browser is too new.

First try http: instead of https: to see if that works. Try an old
version of Firefox. (You can still download version 3) Or that's why I
like Plan "B" (the serial cable.)

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 12/31/2012 11:30 AM, Jeff Crosby wrote:
I have a cable direct from HMC2 ( to a laptop.

The IPV4 settings on the laptop are:

IP address
Subnet mask

Everything else is blank. I can ping, but cannot open

Firefox says: Cannot communicate securely with peer:no common encryption
algorithms. (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)
Chrome says it timed out.
IE says it cannot display the webpage.

What am I missing?

On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 10:42 AM, DrFranken <midrange@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You can use either port, just set the IP address of the PC you're going
to use appropriately for the selected port.

If it was me, I would use the OTHER port from the one I'm going to
connect to my network so that I could change that port's IP address and
verify access to it before I disconnected.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 12/31/2012 10:18 AM, Jeff Crosby wrote:
Thanks, Pete. The information says:

ETH0 (T1)
ETH1 (T2)

which are the defaults. Does this mean the ethernet cable I use should
plugged into either the T1 or T2 jack in the I5?

On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Pete Massiello - ML <
pmassiello-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


To find out the address of your ASMI port, on the bezel, go to Sequence
(will have to be in manual mode first), and the 2 addresses are the HMC1
and HMC2 port respectively.


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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Don't laugh at this idea.

2 PCs here can function as LAN Console. Each has 2 NIC cards, with the
2nd NIC dedicated to the LAN Console connection. There is a single
switch on top of the System i rack with 3 ethernet cables attached:

1) To the T5 (I think) jack on the System i (
2) To my PC (
3) To the office manager's PC (

This is a completely isolated network. If I run an ethernet cable from
the ASMI to that switch and can figure out the IP address of the ASMI,
I just point a browser from my PC to where is the IP address? And then I could RDP to my desktop
home and away we go?

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 2:26 PM, Kirk Goins <kirkgoins@xxxxxxxxx>
I think this will work and says about $10K for an HMC...
Find the default AMSI/HMC port IP addresses for your system Attach a
laptop to which ever HMC port you choose using the same IP subnet as
the port you are attaching to Open a browser session and log in to
AMSI Set the other HMC port to an address that is compatible with your
local network including Gateway address Cable up that port up to the
local network and access AMSI In there I believe you can Power Up the
Managed System.


On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Jeff Crosby
Short of an HMC, is there any way to remotely power up a System i 520?

I have LAN Console and Remote Control Panel on my desktop at work.
power issues last week (low voltage from utility) after a power
outage, I changed QPWRRSTIPL to 0 for no power up when power is
In a future outage that results in my power handling program
the system, I have no recourse to power it up other than 1) drive in
to work, or 2) get an HMC, correct?

I can remote from home to my work desktop, but since the System i is
powered off, there ain't not no Remote Control Panel.


Jeff Crosby
VP Information Systems
UniPro FoodService/Dilgard
P.O. Box 13369
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