Remember the FSP is an independent device and it powers up and boots, when power is applied to the system chassis without any intervention at all. Your HMC connects to that, so in effect, you are connecting to a powered up portion of the system. The FSP, which can control all the hardware can then cause the SPCN network to power up all of the chassis and devices it is aware of.

While power is has not been restored to the CEC and the expansion chassis, the FSP is up and running.

Jim Oberholtzer
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On 12/28/2012 1:27 PM, Kirk Goins wrote:
He is sure.. with only the FSP up No LAN Console functions.. gota have LIC
up for that.

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 11:23 AM,<rob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Are you sure there's no remote control panel when it's powered off? Sure?
> Because my 9117, while HMC controlled, can still be powered off all the
> way and yet I can remotely access the control panel to do stuff like
> change it from a T to P side ipl
> Rob Berendt
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> From: Jeff Crosby<jlcrosby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: Remote power up of System i 520
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> Short of an HMC, is there any way to remotely power up a System i 520?
> I have LAN Console and Remote Control Panel on my desktop at work. Due to
> power issues last week (low voltage from utility) after a power outage, I
> changed QPWRRSTIPL to 0 for no power up when power is restored.
> In a future outage that results in my power handling program shutting down
> the system, I have no recourse to power it up other than 1) drive in to
> work, or 2) get an HMC, correct?
> I can remote from home to my work desktop, but since the System i is
> powered off, there ain't not no Remote Control Panel.
> Thanks.
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