On 14 Dec 2012 11:04, Dean Eshleman wrote:
One of our users is seeing some strange behavior with their ODBC
connection to the IBM I using Microsoft Access. He added a new
library to the Data source definition called TEST12. Next, he went
into MS Access and tried to link to some tables in the new library.
After selecting the correct Data source, it displays a list of files
to select from. However, no files from TEST12 are in the list. I
verified that he had authority to the files. Authority is thru an
authorization list. What is really strange is when I look at the
library list of the QZDASOINIT job, it doesn't have TEST12 in the
library list. In fact, he changed the data source and removed a
library and tried it again. The library that was removed, still
showed up in the library list of the server job. It seems to be
holding onto a previous connection or something. We tried having him
reboot his PC, but still no TEST12 in the library list.

I have tried to duplicate his problem, but have not been successful.
I change the library list for my data source, and it handles it
correctly. I made sure that my authority to the files was the same as
his, and MS Access showed me the files just fine. Anyone have any
ideas ?

I suspect that the library [list] specifications for the DSN was not done properly and in a manner that is not being diagnosed by an error, or that the client is not properly activating its connection request under that modified Data Source, or that the disconnection from the server is not effected and so the new work continues to run in the original\unchanged QZDASOINIT prestart server job.

To eliminate the latter as possible origin, I would issue an ENDJOB on the QZDASOINIT job(s) that the user [with the difficulty] currently has active... before trying to make a connection. Hopefully then, the new server job will show the library list just as occurred with the test performed by your user profile.

IIRC for the first as possible origin, I believe the connection should establish *SYS [system] naming [instead of SQL naming] and I seem to recall library list specification would be something like "*USRLIBL,TEST12" to indicate that the *LIBL of the server job [¿as established for the Current User, per the JOBD of that user?] is to be used with library TEST12 being in the last position of the list; such that a new connection will have the request ADDLIBLE TEST12 POSITION(*LAST) performed by the server job before any SQL activity.

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