On 12 Dec 2012 09:09, Steve Richter wrote:
I really do not like it when IBM relies on a standard to withhold
a needed feature.

IBM could create its own non-standard SQL... just as any other provider could. Doing so would be very helpful to ensure nobody can easily transition off of that then-proprietary variant of SQL.

But what is probably one of the most non-standard SQL also documents that "A host variable must not be: ... used in data definition (DDL) statements such as ALTER and CREATE" so I do not think IBM is an outlier in its similar prohibition.

And of course, because what is desired can be completed without any support for Host Variables in the the CREATE TABLE ... AS statement, a non-standard feature of the SQL to enable that capability would surely not be "needed"; instead merely a /wanted/ feature to [presumably just more easily] accomplish what is desired.

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