I’m noticing something on my system that is interesting and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this…

I’ve created an iASP which will eventually be used in an PowerHA SystemMirror for IBMi environment.

As part of my testing I was doing a Scratch/Install tape recovery of the system that will eventually be the source system.

Prior to doing the Scratch/Install I cleared the iASP using an option available in in System iNavigator …

That option ran really fast. I thought “that was cool” !

Well the Scratch/Install process was moving right along and it was time to vary on the iASP so I could restore some data there. The vary on process, that usually takes about 3-4 minutes… has been running for about 2 hours (so far).

I called IBM Support and they told me that when you do a CLEAR of an iASP all that happens is a flag gets set and the actual clear happens the next time the iASP is varied on!

There is no feedback, no SRC, no way to interrupt the job using SysReq … In other words, I really don’t know if this is doing anything or not… The screen on the console just sits there telling me nothing.

It probably would have been quicker to delete the iASP, returning the disk to non-configured status and then recreate the iASP. At least you get some feedback indicating something is happening.

Has anyone experienced this happening on their system?

AKA … 肯尼思 or 케네스
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