I really don't want to get into the arguments over whether or not the
users should be able to generate their own queries or not.

I suppose with any good BI tool you could create the pretty dashboard and
the users can use it as you intended. Or, like WRKQRY, STRSQL, etc, you
could allow them to create/tweak their own reports. There's a slew of
arguments for/against including
- the users are too stupid to know how to get the data out of the system
and we have no intention of unobscuring the data by creating decent views.
- The users will make bad decisions based on queries, like, just because a
part is on hand doesn't mean it isn't allocated to something else.
- It's too much work to put data security on there over certain columns
and rows when, if they just continued to use the 5250 based programs, the
security is all handled.
- but, if we don't allow them to query the data they'll just tell us to
dump this antiquated system and get new software in.
- What about the query from hell that ties up the system? (Not that we
didn't have a compiled program, which went through the change management
system, that almost filled up our disk last week that we are still trying
to recover from.)

Rob Berendt

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