On 07 Nov 2012 07:38, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
<<SNIP>. if you put a real date field in there you can't CPYF
characters over it - I tried. You can still clobber numbers with
character data this way though. I am hoping it respects constraints

If "it" refers to the CPYF, then the question is moot. The protection of the database, as provided by constraints, is enforced irrespective of the utility\application being used. A constraint is implemented at the database level, and every interface to the database will be /constrained/ by the rules applied to the data. Every supported "method" that performs a data operation must live within the restrictions established by the constraints for the data; e.g. for a "WRITE" aka "INSERT" method. Unless a constraint has been removed, or both is allowed to be and is disabled [e.g. RMVPFCST, ALTER DROP CONSTRAINT, or CHGPFCST], then the rules will be enforced for each supported method. All interfaces to the database, including the "copy" feature, have access only to those supported methods. If any feature could defeat an established\enabled constraint, then that would be an integrity issue for the data, and thus would be a defect.

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