On 2012/10/31 6:12 PM, Mark Lazarus wrote:
The B data type in DB2 is not the same a the B data type in RPG. In DB2,
an integer field will show up as B data type. B data types in RPG are
generally considered deprecated.

But H spec EXTBININT(*YES) will cause RPG to interpret external B types (with zero decimal positions) as I instead of B.

A BIN9_0 9B 0
A BIN9_1 9B 1

My RPG program:

H* extbinint(*yes)
d junkf e ds

Cross reference, without EXTBININT(*YES)
BIN9_0 B(9,0)
BIN9_1 B(9,1)

BIN9_0 I(10,0)
BIN9_1 B(9,1)

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