It has been years, but (I think) I did this at a former employer using the
Windows REXEC command. Whatever I used then, I do remember that I put the
remote command in a CL which submitted itself to the job queue. Otherwise,
it (the PC) got tied up until the program finished. I know I used the
RUNRMTCMD to start a process on one System i which invoked a process on its
sister (or was that the daughter?). Anyway, they were essentially batch
commands; i.e., no displays involved.

The Telnet option may or may not work. I'm thinking about whether or not
the system values allow for new device creations automagically. But it
"sounds like" the OP wants a .BAT file or something similar to invoke a
process on a System i *without* operator intervention. What that might be
is left to the imagination (and I don't get paid enough to afford one of

Jerry C. Adams
IBM i Programmer/Analyst
Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

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