Hi Gad,

I like SQL2JXL by Giuseppe Costagliola, who also wrote SQL2XLS, SQL2XML and SQL2CSV. See




The jExcel api is a lot faster than the POI HSSF stuff.

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On 10/14/2012 9:20 AM, Gad Miron wrote:
Hello everyone

We use extensively a home grown small utility (CPY2CSVF) that receives a
file name,
extracts it's columns headers and data and creates a .csv file in
a specified directory,
net or IFS.
(it's done simply by calling CPYTOIMPF with some prior processing)
the utility then either calls MS Excel to open the csv file on the user's
PC using simple
STRPCO or e-mails the .csv file using SNDDST. (in case of batch)

Does any of you guys know of a tool (preferably free) to convert the A/M
file to Excel proper? and a AS400 native (PASE) tool at that?
I would very much like to extend this tool and create xls(x) files.

I know it's a tall order but it just may be my lucky day...


a. POI is not my cup of tea.
b. I found some command line Windows converters, wonder if there are
linux/aix ones?

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