from the PQT3361 message:
>>Possible choices for replying to message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >>. :
>>I -- To continue printing aligned forms starting with the next page >>of the file, type an I.
>>C -- To cancel the printer writer, type a C.
>>G -- To continue printing aligned forms, skipping to the next form >>and printing the first page again, type a G.
>>N -- To print the first page again on the next form and to verify the >>alignment: 1) Press Stop/Reset. 2) Advance the paper to the next form >>by pressing New Page. 3) Adjust the alignment with the Forms Adjust >>control. 4) Press Ready. 5) Type an N.

notice the "G" response alludes to the whole first page printing.

versus the CPA4002 message, that the reply of "G" would:
G -- To continue printing aligned forms skipping to the next form and
printing the first line again, type a G.

On 10/10/2012 3:00 PM, Gqcy wrote:
I have 3 of these printers installed, and I just found out
from the users that when they restart the writer, the
WHOLE FIRST PAGE prints, not just the first line, then the "verify
alignment" (PQT3361) message appears.
1) is this normal?
2) can we change it so it only prints the first line?

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