Hi Jim,

I would suggest you to modify your control group to end the applications
first and then issue ENDSBS SBS(*ALL) DELAY(30) *BCHTIMLMT(480)* before
processing of SAVSYS.

So your control group may look like:

Seq Items Exit command
60 *IBM
and so on.

where SHUTDOWN is my shutdown program to end all applications.
BCHTIMLMT is the time limit for which the system should stay in restricted
state. In above case, after 480 minutes, system will come up from
restricted state and cancel the backup, if the backup doesn't get complete.

After the backup you may want to IPL the system or just start QCTL (
modify control group accordingly).

I am using this on my 6 V7R1 systems and it is working fine.

If I understood your problem wrongly, then please let me know.

Ankush Agrawal

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 8:33 AM, Jim Oberholtzer <midrangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


No changes (except for V7) This have been running this way starting on
V5R3 for many years. Applications are brought down "nicely" with a
control language program. Yes, you are correct, it appears the system
does not go into a restricted state, and therefore cannot proceed with
the control group. This has only started with V7. Maddingly enough,
it's also sproadic, it does not happen every time.

When the upgrade to V7 was done, all the groups and cumulative available
at the time were applied, so this is the base system, I suppose we could
go to the A side but that will leave many more things without fixes, I
believe causing a bigger mess. (namely good use of the TR code).
Last time it worked (and continues to work fine) is on the V5R4 systems.

At this time IBM has asked for the flight recorders and job logs. We'll
see what they come up with. What I'm hoping for is another example to
help in the diagnostics.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 10/8/2012 8:02 AM, brad.lovelady@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
We run weekly/monthly saves to the BRMS batch controlling subsystem
(*CTLSBS) on 6 systems. I have never had this problem. Sounds like BRMS
cannot get your system into a restricted state. Did you just recently swap
from *CONSOLE monitor to the automated batch controlling subsystem *CTLSBS?
Make sure there is nothing else running in QCTL or whatever you have
configured to be the controlling subsystem. Only one job can run while in
restricted state and I am pretty sure you do NOT need to start the console
monitor when using *CTLSBS. Check the job queue QBRM/Q1ACTLSBS. It should
be released and added as a single threaded entry to your controlling

If this were my problem I would test by ending all application jobs
first, leaving the system as close to restricted as possible. Write a
simple CL that runs the command " STRBKUBRM CTLGRP(OURSYSTEM)
SBMJOB(*CTLSBS)". Submit a job to qbatch or some other active subsystem
that calls this program. (Do not start the console monitor beforehand.)
Before doing so make sure subsystems to process is configured properly for
control group "OURSYSTEM". Better yet, copy OURSYSTEM and have the new
control group do a SAVSYS only which will ensure the test is quick and
complete in terms of restricted state processing.

Bradford Lovelady

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I am wondering if anyone else is witnessing similar behavior. Scenario

3584 tape library: SCSI attached to Power 6.
Internal LTO5 single tape on Power 7.

BRMS console monitor started

OURSYSTEM control group is identical to *SYSTEM except for the media
class and move policy attributes.

The system submits the BRMS job to the controlling subsystem, but the
message indicating the processing is started "BRMS console beginning
request processing" is not issued and the system does not come to a
restricted state, so the job just hangs at this point.

Most recent Cumulative and all groups as of 9/5/12, so really current on

It is now happening on multiple LPARS on two machines, a Power 6 and 7

At this time support does not have much in the way of an answer.

If this is happening to others I would like to get that on record as

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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