I can query the table on DBSTEST from the remote system so it's not the
RDB entry. Plus using DSPFD it shows the correct number of columns &
record length. If it weren't valid it wouldn't be able to query the table
at all, much less create a table (or half-way create one as the case may
be lol)

Tommy Holden

From: Evan Harris <auctionitis@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: 10/04/2012 04:04 PM
Subject: Re: cool, neat trick on IBM i v7.1 with CREATE TABLE
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So what RDB entry do you have set up against DBSTEST ?

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 9:15 AM, <Tommy.Holden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I can create a table using RDB by doing this:
create table SENDLIB/TESTRDB as

but even though the file is created i can't use it lol
File TESTRDB in library SENDLIB was not found.

DSPFD shows me all of the file's attributes, etc.
DSPFFD gets the
File TESTRDB in library SENDLIB was not found.

using SQL
gets this:
TESTRDB in SENDLIB type *FILE not found.

it does create the table, you just can't access it or edit it's
etc. you can't get rid of it using DROP TABLE or DLTF from the command
line but you can delete it from WRKF lol. methinks there's a bug in the
system somewhere...
running IBM i v7.1 TR4 with all the latest & greatest CUME, Group &
Hipers installed

Can anyone else duplicate this? If so then perhaps a PMR is in order...

Tommy Holden

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