Do a DSPSFWRSC and look for 57xx-XE1 or something like that - the xx is maybe 22 or 60 or 71 or whatever.

That's iSeries Access - Navigator is a free part of that. The emulator would be additional, and you don't need that - but Nav is no-extra charge and no license.

When you install Access, be sure to use the selective option - and install the Database component, as well as whatever looks interesting. You can always change things later.

To install, open Windows Explorer and go to the \QIBM file share on your iseries -


Look for setup.exe in that directory and run it - ba-da-boom! er- bing! no boom! allowed!


On 9/27/2012 4:41 PM, James Lampert wrote:
Luis Rodriguez wrote:
If you have a Client Access (or iSeries Access or whatever the flavor of
the day is) you have iNav...
That's just it: we don't, so far as I'm aware, beyond the minimum needed
for LAN Console. Although while working through a PMR some time ago, the
IBM rep talked me through bringing up another piece of it, so that we
could send him some spool files, so it might be worth a try.

We use the TN5250e client we developed originally as a part of our
ThinView product, and include in our Wintouch product. While it still
has a few bugs here and there, it's a much nicer looking emulation than
the official one I have to use for LAN Console.


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