The vast majority of PC based POS products are designed for retail merchandising; not city government. It would be pretty hokey to have city employees wade through screens and prompts designed for vendor maintenance, merchandise ordering, inventory counts, tax rates, SKU scanning, and similar sales when the only thing they need to do is collect a fees from residents and contractors for permits and services.

Have you checked out vendors who develop systems for local government? I understand that Infor / Lawson and others support accounting packages. A former partner of mine specialized in applications for local government, but they didn't have point of sale, per se.

What about integration issues? Some city governments buy separate packages for courts, others for utilities, others for police, others for animal shelters, others for park rentals, etc. Do you need different software for court fees, vs. parade permits?


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We process water bills, which mainly consist of a customer number (not
validated at this point in the process), a due date, and a dollar
amount. Everything else is various fees we charge. I don't honestly
know how many.

Mike Wills

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