Have you considered using the QNTC or NFS file systems? For communicating
with a windows network, QNTC is probably the better choice. We use a
service user account to do that. The windows and IBM accounts have
identical names and passwords, but no passwords are visible. Nobody needs
to even know the password once the accounts are setup. The job doing the
transfer uses the profile handle API (QSYGETPH) to adopt the service user
profile. The original job user just needs *USE authority for the service
user profile. From there, the stream file APIs can be used to read and
write data.

It's also possible to use certs for credentials on both sides, making
passwords unnecessary. We do that for copying things to/from linux hosts.
If that's a possiblity, check out secure copy (scp.) It's extremely easy
to use and even the process of assigning the certs is well documented and
easy to do.

On Mon, 24 Sep 2012 21:47:33 +0000, Cyndi Bradberry wrote:

The i Series sends to Windows....and they are taking Anonymous away on
the windows side.

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Hi, Cyndi:

I was just thinking ... are you uploading or downloading file data with
FTP? Perhaps you could configure OS/400 or IBM i to allow and use
ANONYMOUS FTP? That would permit you to run FTP scripts using the
"ANONYMOUS" User profile.

Mark S .Waterbury

> On 9/24/2012 3:57 PM, Cyndi Bradberry wrote:
I had planned on changing it to clear the script file immediately after
the FTP process, and yes, these are hundreds of batch processes.
Currently, the user name and password are hard-coded into the RPG that
writes the script. Was looking for another way. We have just begun the
SAS70/SAE16 audit of IT. I figured that they would catch it eventually,
so I thought I'd start looking.

Thanks again.


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