I am guessing you need a C++ installer update...

On 9/18/2012 3:25 PM, Ron Adams wrote:
So, if I may vent for just a moment about our favorite vendor.
This is an example of how NOT to serve your customer.

I went looking for the latest update today to our Client Access/iSeries
Access/i Access software on the IBM site.
After logging in to the site that was re-designed a while back, I started
searching for i Access updates. Numerous times I tried searching for
iAccess, i Access iSeries Access and finding little or nothing in the line
of what I was searching for. Eventually I gave up and turned to Google
which led me to my intended target right away. A few clicks later and I'm
downloading the intended service pack.
I go to install said service pack and wind up with a dialog box that states
the following:
"An update is required to continue with this install. Refer to the
following link for details and instructions:";
Firstly, the link isn't clickable nor am I able to copy and paste it. So, I
type in the link and what do I get?
"Our apologies - The page you requested cannot be displayed"

So here I sit fuming...

I've submitted the broken link to IBM for resolution, but was curious if
anybody else has encountered this and what the solution is?

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