Speaking of upgrading V5R4, I just tried to run the ANZOBJCVN for conversion
problems, and saw that these files, QAIZACVN and QIZAANZSPC are missing from

It's been quite a while, but is this customer a few ptf's short of Nirvana?
Google is no help.

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Are there people that are stuck on
V5R4 (hope not, end of life was 1/27/2009) due to vendor not supporting 6.1?
Any other reasons, other than budgetary?

How many of us are held back from a 7.1 (G.A. 04/23/2010) upgrade due to
lack of vendor support?

On 9/17/2012 10:20 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Many of you are preparing budgets for next year. I've got no dog in this
fight, but you may want to consider adding upgrading from V5R4 to your
budget. End of service for V5R4 is end of September of 2013.

You can get an extension but IBM will REALLY, REALLY rake you over the
coals financially for it. Besides, all that buys you is one year of delay
for a LOT of money.

I suggest you read the Memo to Users for both 6.1 and 7.1. Some items to
consider in your budgeting:
- Are you current with IBM software subscription?
- ANZOBJCVN. This may (almost guarantee WILL) affect some vendor
purchased software. If you're behind on your vendors versions of software
that are supported on 7.1 then there may be some serious costs including:
= Paying up back support
= Replacing the vendor if back support is too pricey or if they still
don't support 7.1, which has been out for 2.5 years now. We replaced a
few packages that we're dragging their feet on 6.1 versions when 6.1 first
came out. IBM gave them a year's notice on ANZOBJCVN prior to 6.1 and we
got tired of them milking maintenance for nothing.
= Training on the new version (or replacement) of your vendor software.
When we jumped from BPCS 405CD to LX 8.something we put everyone through
non software specific ERP training and then LX training. (Note: You can
get 405CD to work past V5R4 but it WILL require applying some BMRs.
- Domino:

- Hardware: Is all your hardware currently supported on something higher
than V5R4?
There are some cards etc which may need to be replaced. Including models
otherwise supported on these releases:
- Actually doing your OS upgrades. Some of you contract that out versus
doing it in house. IBM or your BP may provide you a quote on that.

Rob Berendt

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