I'm having a texbook case of "Let's fire the people who know the
system, they seem to be slacking anyways"..
v5r4 on a i520, only used for odbc connections to the DB2 database.
Used to be in one location. Moved to new location but with network
link to the old location.
IF the link goes down, down goes the i520 (you can log via 5250 but it
stops responding). Only weird thing is:
Lots and lots of outbound ldap connections (port 389) to the old
domain controller in the old location. System does NOT have EIM nor
LDAP configured (ldap tcpip server is stopped), people log in using
windows credentials but user/pass is not in sync, if pwd changes in DC
it has to be changed on the i.

What could be causing those connections? as a side note, ss1 op3 is
broken (reports as *error) since it has to do with directory servers
it might be related...


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