Argia, I would open a PMR for the font "problem" IBM is responsive to issues with the product.

use product 5733XJ1


Argia Sbolenfi said the following on Mon, 9/17/2012 10:59 AM:
2012/9/17 Mike Waite <mike.waite@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I've successfully downloaded and used the new ACS 5250 emulator on Windows, and it works very nicely, thank you IBM. But I can't get it started in Ubuntu (12.04), either using the startup scripts, or directly via the binary, or via a command line. I've checked the version of Java and done all the reasonable checks in the instructions, as far as is possible for one who hardly knows Java. I've also tried moving the various bits around in the directories as suggested.

Has anyone actually got this working in Ubuntu? And did they document the steps?

On Ubuntu 11.04, I've had to install the Oracle JRE, it didn't work
with the default OpenJDK.

Also, this seems a very promising product, but there's a problem with
fonts (at least on my machines..) : it doesn't support anti aliasing
so the terminal text looks like quite jagged.
Take a look at these screenshots that compare i Access with TN5250J:

you can see how TN5250J, which does anti aliasing, looks better than
IBM i Access. I hope that this will be fixed with future releases.

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