Hi Adam, what did you end up going with? I've use NetIQ b4 and it was excellent and resolved authority issues automatically. I assume powerlock/powertech is just as good and may be the industry leader now since many of the NetIQ designers and support have moved on...many to Powertech. BSAFE and whatever Carol developed is also a good alternative (and probably cheaper than the first 2). I ask you a year later because I figure you made your choice and we might be going to finally purchase one of these products for security so any info/help appreciated.
Thanks, Frank

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Hi Everyone,
I'm just interested in any comparisons or comments people may have
egarding experiences with the NetIQ suite of products (PSAudit, PSSecure
tc.,) and the Powertech products. If anyone has used both I would be
nterested in which one you would recommend, or even if you think one has
dvantages in one area and the other in another area.

Adam Driver
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onsultant - Infrastructure Technician
xacta Corporation
08.661.6697 ext 2581
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