Well, I would really think that depends on what printing device is on the other end... Most high-speed printers are now equipped with document servers, which often allow for DOZENS of document formats. I would NOT cross the PRTSTMF tool off the list just yet... I don't recall any specific printer models, only that the output jobs could be very large...

Just saying...
-Eric DeLong

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Not with a mixture of TIFF and PDF documents.

The documents need to be rendered real-time to the printer format of choice.

I believe he has both PDF and TIFF docs.

We also have an API for rendering RAW files right to the printer via an outq, but this assumes the files have been pre-rendered to the format of choice whether it be PDF, Postscript, PCL, AFPDS, etc.

We also have an API to render documents to AFPDS format so they can be printed on an AFPDS/IPDS printer if needed.

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I used a simple Cmd/CPP tool from Scott Klement's site a few years ago...

Print Raw Stream File (PRTSTMF)

Type choices, press Enter.

Stream file to print . . . . . . > '/Documents/Scanned/Doc12345.pdf'

Output Queue to print on . . . . > MYOUTQ Character value


The printer must support the data-stream being sent, I think I used it for Postscript or PCL... I know many printers can print PDF natively... This might be all you need.

-Eric DeLong
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