Difficult to beat the simplicity of inserting an OPNQRYF to perform the
necessary selection via QRYSLT, and share that query ODP with the
unchanged RPG program in that very simple scenario.
The problem is that may be acceptable for selection only changes but any
sort, column, etc changes will require a change in your RPG logic.

Nice compassion for the person who may be under a serious time crunch to
bang it out and may not have time to learn imbedded sql for this project.
May be true, but I'd argue that if the OP could take the time to learn it
they would not see it as throw away knowledge for this one project and
would soon be using it on a host of other stuff. And if the person has
more than a year on the platform and still hasn't learned imbedded sql
they really should. I wouldn't expect a RPG developer to not have CL
experience after that length of service either. Actually, I find myself
using less CL with API's and stuff available to RPG.

Rob Berendt

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