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As of V6R1 multiple versions are retrained. You can use *INSTALLED to only show the currently installed one. (Prompt WRKPTFGRP)

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 12/12/2011 11:44 AM, William.Epperson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Has anyone seen this before on i6.1.1? I have two PTF groups for each real
PTF group. I have the current group and the previous group listed. This
was the same way prior to installing my newest PTF's over the weekend. It
looked like this with 11102 and 10215 Group levels, 10215 is now gone. But
it's still showing the present group and the next older group. This is
what it looks like, WRKPTFGRP gives me the following first page view:

Opt PTF Group Level Status
SF99636 3 Installed
SF99636 4 Installed
SF99626 5 Installed
SF99626 6 Installed
SF99616 10 Installed
SF99616 11 Installed
SF99610 11102 Installed
SF99610 11256 Installed
SF99609 93 Installed
SF99609 106 Installed
SF99608 22 Installed
SF99608 23 Installed
SF99601 20 Installed

I know that on my older systems, whenever I installed PTF's it would always
overwrite my existing groups with the latest PTF's and show them all as
"Not Installed". I have not changed my PTF installation procedures. I
always set them all to delayed so that they're installed during the next
monthly IPL. Now I'm getting duplicates. I've had the occasional
duplicate PTF group before and it was fine to delete the older version.
But I've never seen it duplicate EVERY PTF group. This is the same for
both iSeries LPAR's on this Power720. I have no other iSeries systems at
i6.1.1, they're still at V5R4.

Thank you,

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