Are you talking about being able to see the images alongside the green
screen display?

What used to be called E-Fileclerk from InterAmerican Data is now called
Datamagine from Agilisys.

The way my client uses it is in their A/P and H/R departments. In A/P, all
invoices are scanned and filed electronically. When it comes time to enter
invoices, they pull up the images sequentially, and on the right side of the
screen is the data entry function, and the image is on the left. When they
enter the data from the invoice and hit the function key to go to the next,
the software links that image to that transaction record forever. If they
need to review the image, they simply pull up the transaction, hit a
function key, and the image is retrieved.

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Subject: Solutions for imaging that run native on the power boxes

I was looking for vendors that offer software that run on the POWER boxes.

I am punching myself in the head as I type this, so my punishment is already
inflicted for the next sentence.

I want to run the applications in a 5250 interface.


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