Neill Harper wrote:
If I have a unkeyed PF FILEA as follows:
Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4

I then have an LF LFA, with a
non unique key of Field1,Field2,Field3

When there is more than one record with identical
Field1,Field2 and Field3 columns, what controls
the order of the remaining records.

Order of identical key values is controlled by the FCFO, FIFO, etc. attribute of the index when reading by key. For an SQL query, there is no control.

Further to this, if I had 2 copies of FILEA in different libraries with EXACTLY the same data in would you expect LFA in
both libraries to show the records in exactly the same order?

Depends on what is meant by /copies/ and /EXACTLY/, and also depends on the method to /show/ the data. For an SQL query, there is no control.

Regards, Chuck

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