I wonder. Look at the cover letter for MF46040

HSM was originally targeted for "compressed units". For example if I
created a library and did a SAVLIB MYERPFILES DEV(*SAVF)
SAVF(SAVEFILES/Y2008) and created a drive as compressed it might move that
never accessed save file there.

Stop the presses! You are right! See this link for a definitive answer

ASP Balancer â Enhanced for SSDs
This option balances the data by moving the most frequently accessed âhotâ
data to the faster
SSD units, while moving the least frequently accessed âcoldâ data to the
slower HDDs. This is
accomplished by using two commands Trace ASP Balance (TRCASPBAL) and the
ASP Balance
(STRASPBAL) command, specifying TYPE(*HSM)1. Based on the usage statistics
gathered with
the trace command, the balance command moves the hot data to the SSD
drives. At the same
time, other balancer tasks move the cold data from the SSD drives to the
slower HDD drives.

Rob Berendt

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