You can only reset it to *DEFAULT. You need to do a "21" and get into DST,
from there you should be able to change your password. From your Security
settings in DST, you can't change a Disabled password.


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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First, sounds like, when you ran the CHGDSTPWD command, you set the password
to QSECOFR - the default. Try setting it to something else. Remember that
in SST the password is case sensitive (bites my butt every time).

Second, this is why I have a second profile set up in SST with complete
authority. When I boss (the PC guy) screws things up, I can go back and fix

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I am having a problem with the SST signon for QSECOFR. I reset it using
the CHGDSTPWD command, but when I go to change the password on the first
signon (because password is expired), I get an error (CPF4AB7) that it
not be changed:

Cause . . . . . : Your system is configured to prevent a service tools
ID with a default and expired password from changing its own

How do I get around this. I do not know any other SST user ids or



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