Hmm, check out the command RMVMEDIBRM, that may do what you need but check out the help first. I didn't see an option to specify individual saves like doing the 4=delete does from the WRKMEDIBRM screen. Also not sure how that works with the *ADSM saved items instead of AS/400 physical tape.

Brian Dolinar.

"Sanjiv-" <sanjivji@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:mailman.422.1217465720.2545.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We are using BRMS to save data to TSM Server

When we do WRKMEDIBRM it shows as *ADSM instead of a Vol name..Which is OK

We had done saves in 2004 / 2005 and expiration was set for 7 yrs ..hence
the libs were set to expire in 2011/2012.which is OK

We decided to expire the tapes What would be the process to expire
them as of today .As far as I know I can do WRKMEDIBRM and take option 4
against it but then we have a database where there are approx 14500 plus
libs that need to be expired today and taking option 4 against them would be
a waste of time

Is there a faster way to expire ?

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