First shutdown the partition you wish to remove.
Next use DLPAR to add the RAID IOA (and IOP if required) to the
partition that is getting the disk.
Next use Service tools or System i Access to add AND BALANCE the disk to
the partition. If they were RAID protected already on the old partition
they will still be RAID protected on the new partition.

Now you have more disk.... and a landmine!! You MUST remember to Either
update the profile for the partition to include the new hardware as
required OR save a copy of the current partition configuration and set
that profile as the default profile. If you fail to do both of these the
nex time you cold start the partition it will be missing a bunch of

Also for cleanup purposes delete the old partition and it's profiles so
you don't attempt to start it again.

- Larry

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Model 570 ( add disk and delete Lpar )

I need to delete an Lpar and allocate its resources ( disk) to another

What would be the process to delete an Lpar it basically shut it down
and on HMC Console ..Right Click on Lpar and delete it or is it a some
other process

Secondly the Disks which are on a raid controller of the Lpar which is
deleted need to be assigned to a new Lpar ..Do I need to shutdown the new
Lpar to add disk or can it be added via SST while the new lpar is

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