I am with Buck on this one. It might be said that it is a comparison of
many frameworks/languages, but in reality it has always been a religious war
for or against EGL specifically.

That and the fact that code will most likely be shared and I don't think
Midrange-L has really ever been the place for that (that I have seen) and it
wouldn't make sense to loosen that restriction when we have a list dedicated
to EGL.

For those that want to keep it here because they don't want to subscribe to
another list I would recommend you take the 5 minutes to sign up for the EGL
list. It will not add much traffic to your inbox because it is in the
beginning stages of adoption.

Just my thoughts,
Aaron Bartell

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 1:16 PM, Joe Pluta <joepluta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

Buck wrote:
The Midrange EGL-i list seems a reasonable choice:

Except when we're comparing EGL as a possible solution to other options,
as in the topic of this post.


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