Joe wrote:
If you want to use your own private functions, fine, but as they say in
school, "show your work".

And in another post
Too many examples on the list of late have used proprietary internal
frameworks and frankly that's not showing anybody anything.

I don't agree Joe. Given that Aaron sells his tool set, it's as commercially available as EGL.

As a developer, I'd need to pay for EGL or Aaron's tools, or somebody else's, or find an open source
tool, or write it all myself from scratch.

Thus I think few developers would see any difference between:
Runtime.invokeREST (url, callBack);


WS_invoke(url: 80: req: rsp);

As Nathan said, if you want to debate IBM vs. the little guy, that's something else.

The big question I have if I've got an existing RPG process that needs the data from the web page, can
I invoke the EGL code you've posted somehow?

I already know I could use Aaron's.

I also know that EGL can call RPG.

But can RPG call EGL?


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