Realistically, what does telling you the noncompliant vendors do for you?
Prevent you from purchasing their package new? Because you still have a
duty to run ANZOBJCVN on all your machines. Vendors lie. We recently
purchased a new package that claimed it was V6R1 ready. Put it on a V5R4
machine and ran ANZOBJCVN on it to have it fail. Result: Put a "must
pass ANZOBJCVN" clause in your contract.
If we were to say vendor XYZ passes, then what good does that do you? You
may be on an older version, or need fixes, or... You still need to run

A vendor saying that some objects may not pass ANZOBJCVN but were only out
there for people running on older versions of the OS is unacceptable to
me. In other words they may have something that determines if the OS is
above a certain level then call one program, if not, then call a different
program. This is unacceptable to me because then I have to call the
vendor and see if we can delete the offending programs. And the odds are
slim to none that the vendor ever ran their software on a machine without
the duality, thus it's probably not fully tested.

Rob Berendt

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