On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 3:14 PM, Joe Pluta <joepluta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks again to everyone. I ripped the CDs straight to the IFS using a
free CD ripper. A side note of interest: I ordered groups and cumes on

ADDIMGCLGE can also use the i DVD drive to read the disc directly. In
the future, you can download the PTFs directly from IBM Fix Central.


If IBMs Servers weren't as slow, downloading the ~12GB needed for a
full PTF Loadout (CUM/HIPER/All Groups) would be a breeze, but i was
never able to get more than 200kbyte/s from them. They really should
look into a content delivery network like Akamai to get better speeds.

Either way: downloading is still faster than the two weeks IBM needs
to ship PTFs, and it's less error prone, requiring less manual steps
(like creating CD images). Now, if IBM would offer checksums for the
CDs, you could also ensure correct download.

You can download directly using FTP to the i, if it is at a remote
location, or use the IBM Download Manager, a Java Application that
automates the downloading and uses multiple connections to speed up
the download (i've never seen a speed advantage over FTP, though).

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