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There's a difference between FTP and iSeries Access (formerly known as
Client Access) "File Transfer". For one thing, FTP doesn't need any
iSeries Access loaded on the client. For another thing, FTP could not
possibly care less about the existence of SYSTABLES.

I'll assume you're talking about the File Transfer thing.

Are you seeing messages in QSYSOPR like:
Message Sev Text
CPFB0C5 60 Data in the database cross reference is not correct.
CPF2FE3 40 System cross reference file is in error.
CPF2FE4 40 System cross reference file not available.
CPF32A1 60 System cross reference queue deleted and created agai . . .
CPF32A2 60 Unexpected data found in system cross reference files.
CPF32BE 40 An error occurred while accessing a system cross refe . . .
CPF32D5 60 Duplicate key prevents system cross reference file update.
CPI8201 10 Reclaim of system cross reference files required.
CPI8202 0 Database cross reference files processed successfully.

If so, then you need to schedule a RCLSTG SELECT(*DBXREF). This runs
significantly less than a full RCLSTG. On systems where a full RCLSTG may
take 14 hours running a RCLSTG SELECT(*DBXREF) has been known to only take
20 minutes. YMMV. Dedicated system required. See also DSPDTAARA
Also, do a
and see if there's anything of interest in their joblogs.

Rob Berendt

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