I guess I could have worded it differently cause I do understand why the
features are not available within RPG. How would you use an image in
RPG? Perhaps in a CGI program to pass the image to a browser client.?
Anyhow I was just trying to make a case where IBM offers two interfaces
to the same DB engine. Each has their unique features and advantages.
Not knowing much about other modern DB from a programming perspective, I
don't know if they have done the same thing as well. My programming has
turned Blue in 1988 and has not strayed since. In fact it fell off this
century with moving to management.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.

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Yes, I understand your point, but I'm not so sure that I can fault IBM
for not defining a non-SQL access to the new features.... This is
somewhat like complaining that you don't have %bifs() in RPGIII. IBM
has exposed this new feature-set, but only through SQL... I don't
really have an issue with this, but then, I'm not using datalinks,
BLOBs, CLOBs, (otherOBs) and so forth, so perhaps I don't have the best
perspective to argue from.....

Eric DeLong

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