You're awfully quick to criticize i5OS as not being "modern" when the
real problem is that you don't know what you're talking about.

If you want to search database files, there is no Windows equivalent on
Windows! You can't search a SQL Server database using Search from Window

If you want to search IFS files natively on i5OS use grep from a QSH
session. You CAN include i5OS database tables in this search. QSH is a
native part of i5OS. Many of the "modern" functions are being
implemented there.

If you have to have a graphic interface, you CAN search i5OS files from
Windows Explorer. Just enable NetServer, set up a share on the IFS root
and hook up Windows Explorer. That search will include i5OS database
tables as well unless you exclude QSYS.LIB.

Now what "modern" search methods have I missed?


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Joe, et al,

Not frivolous at all for those of us in a portion of the world that is
not perfect by any means and not well managed; specifically, many

In working with these folks I've come to realize they treat and "manage"
an IBM i like a PC. That means, things are all over the place in any
and all libraries, personal and generic, that you can imagine. So,
regardless if you're looking for a character string of some sort in a
source file or a data file, you may not know where it is or how many
files contain that string so you get rid of duplicates. You many have
to go on a form of a scavenger hunt to find what you need. Does that
mean starting at the "root" (all libs)??? Yep.

Because the IBM i, in this case, is treated like a PC, it sure would be
nice if it had tools like a PC; native as a PC does. Am I in love with
PCs??? Not the way they are often used, but they are there and often
abused just like some IBM i's and that's the way some portion of the
world works. BTW, do I have to do this "root" based search on PC
files? You betcha, for the same lack of management reasons.

As to using the SYS tables...would love to, but they are often "meta"
oriented and I need to search the files, or should I say, base tables on
a global basis. But, yes, sometimes the SYS tables can be helpful and
I use them.

And, as Shannon said, will it take some time for the search?? Probably,
but A BUNCH of time shorter than trying to find it manually.

Build my own?? I guess I'll have to, but WHY; should be there here in
2008 in the i/OS.


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