I did not know about this Outbound or inbound ports. Is this something that can be configured on the I?
But if it is outbound in terms of going to the currency site, isn't it inbound when I am bringing the data back?

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Adam West wrote:

Buck, is it the only way ? I should be able to do this via an FTP process..

As Charles writes, I think it very unlikely that xurrency offer an FTP
interface. Their web page certainly doesn't mention ftp, only SOAP and
web services.

Another way to go about this is to read Sharon's note and consider an
intermediate platform. You could write (or hire someone) a program that
runs on a PC to consume the xurrency web service. The network people
can let the PC access xurrency and then let your IBM i access that PC
via a socket connexion, like Scott Klement's SOCKUTILR4. It's not that

difficult to trigger from the IBM i side of the connexion.

Communications programming is fiddly business. It's a shame your boss
can't convince the network people to open one outbound (i.e. no one gets
in, only you get out) port to satisfy a genuine business problem.

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