I should have said - I do NOT have authority to firewall set-up...

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Good Evening;

My newest problem is that I am trying to get two new Trading Partners
set-up on AS/2. Well, one set-up and one switched over from the VAN.
We use TDManager from Click Commerce as our AS2 package. We have several
partners (over 10) (including Target, Walmart, and many others) that we
are trading Edi with via AS2 quite successfully. I set-up some of the
existing partners here, and know quite a bit about TDManager. I have used
it before. Click Commerce support cannot help me with this situation.

It is just these two new partners that is the problem right now. When
implementing a new partner, I used to call our the network expert and
firewall guru here, and they set-up the new IP address for the partner in
the firewall (I do NOT have authority to firewall set-up) and tested the
connection. Once they saw the data getting into the firewall, I varied our
handshake set-up in the TDManager AS2 software as agreed upon with the
partner, and it would eventually work. These two new partners that I am
trying to set-up are getting the same 401 Authentication errors getting
into our system.
They should connect to http://edi.oursite.com:nnnn (our as/2 port)

Our firewall, http, as/2 expert, and the person who originally installed
and maintained our TDManager software is no longer with the company.

We have a network administrator. He did his thing to let these two new
partners into our firewall. As far as he can see, there is nothing wrong
on his end. He said the data is getting in, but it is not showing up on
the iseries. He is not an HTTP, AS2, or iSeries guy though. He was not the
one that administered that part of things. He is the one left with it.

I understand the set-up and handshakes have to agree between our partner
and us. As far as they say, it does. WE exchanged certificates and they
are imported properly.

Do you know what else could cause this 401 Authentication Error when the
partners tries to connect to our system?

I have the one partner set-up in TDManager with:
Compression: None
Filter Algorithm: None
Encryption: Triple-DES
Assurance: SHA
Signature Algorithm: PKCS-1
Security Structure: S/MIME SHA-MD1

Thanks in advance - again... When it rains it pours...

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