The database data import feature, CPYFRMIMPF, is written using the SQL CLI. The errors shown may suggest that in response to the logged condition of /already exists/ for the connection, the import is either coded improperly to recover, or that the import can not recover from the conflicting SQL [connect] activity in the job. IIRC some changes over releases and PTF levels have made the import feature more likely to succeed in a conflict, perhaps by change to use the SQL CLI in Server Mode. If nothing else, be sure to be current on release and PTF levels.

The following is an example of a conflict that was resolved by the BRMS function changing to no longer cause a conflict:
Something similar could be by origin of the /framework/ being used, if that is also coded to the SQL CLI.

If the framework is not establishing a CLI connection that gives rise to the conflict, the error may instead be due to the import failing while invoked from within an SQL [local] connection; i.e. that the failure would occur for any invocation of the import, within an active SQL connection. That can be tested easily by using STRSQL, issue a CALL QCMD, and then invoke the CLP from the command line to see if the same error occurs.

Regards, Chuck

Saptharishi Narasimhan wrote:

Ownership of object QCPIMTEMPS in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.
Ownership of object QACPTEMP01 in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.
Ownership of object QCFT648920 in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.
Connection to relational database COMMDEV1 already exists.
Error Occurred in SQL Call Level Interface
Copy command ended because of error.

<ed: snipped details of msgSQ99999 RC10 error>

I get this error when i execute my CL program through a Visual
LANSA framework. Other than the FRAMEWORK when executed by RPG
or another CL or other Visual LANSA forms it works fine...
I am really clueless where i went wrong. can anyone help me in
this... Also this error was earlier identified by Peter Vidal.
But I couldn't figure out the exact solution for this.

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