We're going to need additional information:

1. What is the job CCSID for the user?
2. What is the CHRID for the display device the user is using?
3. What is the CHRID for the *DSPF the application uses? If *CHRIDCTL, what is the job CHRIDCTL setting?

In order to use Cyrillic I've always just changed my 5250 session CCSID (host code page) and I don't have anything special in my Windows environment. When you say the user cannot see or key any Cyrillic can you expand on what you are experiencing?

I will point out that CCSID 37 cannot legitimately contain Cyrillic characters, so you are going to have a problem there if all of your files mut be preset to 37. But to say exactly what problem we need to know the answers to questions 1 through 3 above.

Bruce Vining

Åke Olsson <ake.olsson@xxxxxx> wrote:
This is the current setup:

We have one large iseries partition where many companies in different countries across Europe share one common code base (i.e. the same program library for all).

Each country has its own database library.

We are now implementing the package for a Bulgarian company. This is the first company that uses a Cyrillic character set with our package. Until now all languages implemented have been using a character set in the "latin-1" family.

Right now we are trying hard to figure out what we need to install to get this working.

While testing with client access sessions and users that we have set up with CCSID 1025 we have found that we can not see or key any Cyrillic's that way. I assume that we may need a specially adapted version of client access to get this working. Can anyone verify that?

What with Windows? Do we need a Bulgarian version of Windows as well?

We create all database files with CCSID 37 and control the rest by user profile and device attributes.

Any other ideas on how to set this up?

(Aside for a full-blown unicode conversion. We ARE working on that as well but there is simply not enough time to get that project ready in just a couple of months.)

Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards
Åke Olsson

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