Thanks as always, Rob.

So I have this:

System Unit 9406-270 FR01 Backplane 283E P19 DB1
Disk Unit * 6718-074 P06 D01
Disk Unit 6718-074 P08 D02
Disk Unit 6718-074 P11 D03
Disk Unit 6718-074 P10 D04
Disk Unit 6718-070 P09 D05
Disk Unit 6718-070 P20 D06

That's six drives in a RAID set. Works nicely, everybody is happy. But from the way I read Larry's statement, if D01 goes, I'm SOL. Is the better option to somehow mirror two of them for the load source and then put the other four in a RAID set? I'd lose one drive of effective space, or 20% of my total. And can this even be done without some serious hoop jumping (i.e. reloading the system)?


1. Start a service tool 7. Hardware service manager
1. Packaging hardware resources (systems, frames, cards,...)
9=Hardware contained within package (On various items until you see something like)
Type- Resource Description Model Name Location
Disk Expansion Unit 5787-001 FR10 Backplane 505C P144 P1 Disk Unit * 4328-070 P60 P1-D1 ...
* - Indicates that this packaging hardware resource is the
load source disk unit or the IOP that the disk unit is
attached to.
Rob Berendt

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