As others have said, asking for user interaction in a trigger program is not the best solution.

If you need to update a field in a lot of places, have the program that discovers the need place the needed information (including the extra piece you were going to ask for) in a data queue (as a single 'field' (ie data structure)). Then, the program needs to check and see if a Never Ending Program is running-- if not, start it.

The Never Ending Program will receive transactions from the data queue and update all of the places that need to be updated.

Is the field that needs to be changed by any chance a key field? If so, this is looking -very- yucky no matter how you slice it!

One problem with a trigger program trying to get information from a user is that the user may have gone to lunch. And the record in question will be tied up until that user decides to respond.

--Paul E Musselman

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