Two basic manuals cover most situations:

Backup & Recovery Guide (Software Infocenter)

I would download this manual and keep it on a memory stick.

& Hardware Infocenter (Replacing and installing parts)

Since you have an older machine, this site will also be very
helpful and prevent you from having to wade through the current Infocenter.

Joe Pluta wrote:

I've replaced disks several times, but mostly by sort of staggering through the procedure. I usually power off my machine, remove the failed disk, replace it with a new one, power on, and then wander through SST screens until I remember how to re-configure the new drive.

I'd like to do this correctly for once. I have a model 270 with all the disks in the main enclosure and I do *not* have hot swap. I have six disks in a RAID5 configuration, and the system is complaining that one of them (DD003 in position D02) has an "Impending DASD failure". Is there a manual which specifically tells me the steps to replace this disk drive?

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