a quote from the article:
"and help weapons scientists track warhead aging"
I think a B10 could have done this task.

A couple of thoughts come to mind about the project, which seems truly amazing:

-If they could keep the CPU(s) 95% busy 24-7 doing useful work it
would probably be a great deal for computer time.
-If we build it, they will come.
-Perhaps they should give some time slice from this souped up
"Playstation 3" to the IRS and the U.S. budget people.
-If they don't do anything else with it, they should pipe "all" the
weather to it and get a model going for global (warming?) forecasts
that are better, faster, etc.
-Does Google see this as a mouth watering acquisition opportunity?
and, of course,
-Is the Roadrunner a hacker's dream target?

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