Jerry, it almost sounds like a hardware issue, either the printer not powered on or the printer cable disconnected. This would account for it not going to a "varied on" status.

Jerry Adams wrote:
And therein lies part of my confusion. The printer session (i.e., emulation) was started at the user's PC. Varying on the device, while in WRKCFGSTS *Dev, put it in a "Vary On Pending" status, not "Varied On," which I, too, would have expected based upon past experience.

I understand what you're saying about the STRPRTWTR and starting the emulation setting, Sean. The STRPRTWTR was just one of the things I tried, anyway, when all else failed. However, the fact remains that, when I do a WRKWTR, all printer sessions, whether varied on or not, show up in the list. If the device is not varied on, the WRKWTR has a status of "END". But they do show up in the list.

Personally I am beginning to think that there was something that the user (a real nice and dedicated person, but not especially technical) did that she neglected to tell me. I was concerned because (a) the device was not in the WRKWTR list, and (b) that perhaps the Cume had bollixed something. Since all other users were/are working OK (and this user is kosher now), I'm just going to write it off as user error (hers or mine).

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I'm having a bit of trouble following, I guess. Your original email says:

The printer was there, but with a status of *Varied Off.
So I varied it on and the status went to *Vary On Pending.

If the device was varied off, it could not also be started at the same time. They are mutually exclusive.

With a 5250 printer session, you cannot use STRPRTWTR. The writer must be started by the client. Starting the session can automatically vary the printer device on, though.

Sean Porterfield

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From: Jerry Adams

Ah, but running the STRPRTWTR would not, as I said, start the writer, and the job log was kind meaningless (to moi). After running STRPRTWTR for PK (the offending printer), I used WRKACTJOB command and it was not in the QSPL job list. After responding to the "Change forms" message at the user's terminal, it (PK) suddenly showed up in the WRKWTR and QSPL lists. I sit at my desk all day (which perhaps helps explain the expanding girth) and respond to printer messages - but I usually find them by running WRKWTR. I did not check, before replying to the message at the user's terminal session, if there were any messages for the printer at QSYSOPR.

Jerry C. Adams

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From: Porterfield, Sean

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From: Jerry Adams

I ran the WRKWTR command with *All.
The printer was *not* in the list.

The help text shows:

The attributes and the current status of all spooling writers
are displayed.

To me, that means it only shows writers that are started (thus, spooling.) I suggest leaving the default *PRT or using a generic name to make a smaller list (but then we have more than 500 printers, so looking at the whole list here would be crazy.)
Sean Porterfield

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