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Joe Pluta wrote:
And not to be contrary, but by far the easiest way to do this would be
to read the file sequentially by key and compare the key to the previous
key plus one. If it doesn't match, previous key plus one is your
answer. Start previous key at zero.

True, however depending on the range of keys, the SQL may perform faster.

If he's only interested in 1-10, it doesn't matter.

If he's interested in 100,000 - 500,000, then the question becomes where does the missing key fall?
If it's at 100,005, then the RPG will find it faster. If it's at 499,995 then SQL will.

If on average, the missing key falls halfway through....the RPG could be faster. Especially if you do
the following:

Build an SQL index on FIELD
Create a DDS logical containing just FIELD, and keyed on FIELD.

This way, your RPG program is bringing in the bare minimum of data. In addition, the logical will
share the access path from the SQL index, so the data will be brought into memory in 64K(?) chucks,
which will provide a big performance boost.


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